Guillermo del Toro asks Silent Hill during The Game Awards 2021, shooting the rumors

Guillermo del Too Gómez (born October 9, 1964, in Guadalajara, Mexico) is a Mexican director, movie producer, author and film writer. For the dream movie Forming of Water — the murmur of the water he obtained 2018 the Oscar as the most effective supervisor, and he was awarded the most effective movie. For a number of his movies he took the manufacturing and contacted his even more personal jobs likewise the manuscript. The director calls itself bibliophile, according to its very own statements, he acquired his first book at the age of 4 years. She works regularly with the stars Doug Jones, Ron Perlman, Luke Loss as well as Federico Lippi and the Cameraman Guillermo Navarro, that for Pans Maze with the Oscar was awarded for the very best cam work.

The Game Awards 2021 was celebrated this morning by leaving us a multitude of ads but, evidently, also delivering the different prizes related to the most outstanding titles and protagonists of video games industry during this year. One of them was Best Art Direction, whose winner was Death loop.

Curiosity about the delivery of this award is that it was presented by Guillermo del Too Who, on the occasion of the promotion of its new horror movie, Nightmare Alley, took advantage of the moment for Reference to Silent Hill, dropping the name of mythical saga and shooting the rumors about the possibility of seeing a new title soon.

NEW SILENT HILL Teased by Guillermo Del Toro & Kojima at The Game Awards 2021?!

I would love to return Silent Hill Guillermo del Too You already know, a franchise that I love the art direction of it is Silent Hill. I hope we have a new one of these, said Mexican filmmaker. The words come directly from a pre-recorded video, since he did not personally attend the event, so it is not an impromptu idea that he suddenly released, but of something that he consciously wanted to mention.

Do you know anything about the bull, or it is a message to INAMI ? Interestingly, the own Video Kolyma made the appearance of him in the gala before filmmaker, and we know that the Japanese was collaborating with him in Silent Hills, which was finally canceled. Be that as it may, the true creator of the franchise, Satsuma Oshawa, has its next horror video game, for which it is hired to different figures of the industry. Another very recognized dark saga that was mentioned last night, although this time it is with an official announcement, it is Alan Wake 2, which we do know that it will end up reaching PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.


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