Elden Ring: New Story

It was a successful evening (or rather a successful night shift) for From Software fans: get Elder ring, the new open-world RPG of the Japanese Souls developer has donated at the Game Awards in 2021 a fresh story Trailer.

Moreover, Elder ring was the second time in a row the award for the most sag of next year anticipated game — presented by a bona fide fan favorite !

The gloomy CGI clip shows various snippets to the background story of the game, on the next game director Hideaway Miyazaki has also George R. R. Martin, author of Game of Thrones, cooperated. The trailer introduces some new characters and provides Souls typical cryptic information about the game world, by ye will fight must.

But there is also a reunion with characters you already know from the original announcement Video from E3 of 2019. Here you can watch the new trailer:

03:49 Elder Ring: shows Story trailer what awaits you in Souls game

What is in Elder ring?

(Buy now €53.99 / €50.99) Elder ring plays in the intermediate country, a world was ruled by demigods and held together by the cosmic Endearing. Long before the events of the game, this ring was destroyed and made the demigods mortal by the theft of the rune of death.

All new announcements and trailer of the Game Awards 2021 will itchier!

Since then, the gods fight each other to the splinters of the ring, the world is fragmented and in chaos. The country is waiting for a new Eldenfürsten that establishes order again. And that will probably be it, after you have defeated the demigods shown in the trailer.

If the trailer the intro video of the game?

From Software like opened its games with CGI videos that give a brief overview of the story and introduce you to a few of the big bosses that you expect as highlights every major area in the game — as happened for example in Dark Souls. 1 and 3

That you expect the demigods Malaria that came as a statue and the Collector's Edition, and Gothic of Golden in the game as bosses, has been known since the first gameplay video. At least the former was also seen in Story Trailer. It is quite possible, then, that this simply is the intro of the game, or at least a part of it.

What the hell was that at the award ceremony?

The game awards not only lots were shown trailer, of course, there was also the eponymous prizes to win. One of these prices is the Most Anticipated Game, so the players and critics most anticipated game of next year.

ELDEN RING - Story Trailer

This item Elder ring can now claim for the second time in a row — and has thus against God of War: enforced Breath of the Wild 2 and Star field, who were also nominated: Ragnarök, Horizon Forbidden West, The Legend of Zelda.

The five nominees were pre-determined by a panel of selected members of the press. The winners of the awards were selected to 90 percent by the votes of the jury, the remaining 10 percent comes from public social media surveys.

However, the announcement itself turned out to be quite an angle: Moderator Geoff Kafka got the envelope from a remote pot Goblin handed. Since the gameplay video from the Summer Game Festival, the vibrant flower tubs have become a real fan favorites:

Elder ring appears on February 25, 2022, PC, PS 5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Why we were heavily inspired by the Network Test of the game, you can read here!

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