Deathloop: Can you play with friends? answered

The last game of shooting of Arcane Studios is mainly a single player issue, but there is a multiplayer element that certainly adds an interesting layer to experience. It is about Julianna and her search her from her as she explores Black reef on her own murder missions: Sometimes she is controlled by IA, other times she is actually another player who invades your game. Can you play with friends in Death loop Or each invasion of Julianna has to face a chance? Here is what you need to know.

Can you play with friends in Death loop? Answered

Yes, it is possible to specifically invade one of your friends. However, you must follow a few steps to configure the appropriate circumstances.

how DEATHLOOP multiplayer works (& the 2nd assassin) - PS5 Gameplay!

First, anyone who wants to play as Julianna in multiplayer mode must progress beyond a certain point in the campaign; More precisely, the mission called the longest day. I should take approximately one hour.

Once she exceeds him, it will unlock this option in the main menu. It will be titled Protects the loop and it will allow you to invade the timelines of other players to hunt Colt and get rewards.

Now from there go to the main menu, select Protect loop and play like Julianna. Now select the tab 'Invade the timeline of a friend' at the bottom left. Also, anyone who plays as Colt should also change the configuration of it in single friends' mode.

There is a final warning: whoever plays Colt should be in one of the following places / schedules so that the pairing works correctly:

Tomorrow — Karl Bay Tomorrow Rock Sanctuary noon — UPD AAM Midday Rock Sanctuary Late — The complex Night — The complex Night — UPD AAM

If you do not complete this last step, you will receive an error message that indicates «Friends not available».

Now I should be ready to start. Good hunting!

That's all you need to know if you can or do not play with friends at death cycle. To get more tips and tricks about the game, be sure to check the in-depth interesting layer wiki page. You should also see content related below that can be useful.

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