By ticking! Bvb

Also, two days after the lost Bundesliga top game against FC Bayern Munich (2: 3) the table-second Borussia Dortmund has not completely digested the defeat. In the social media, the club on his official Twitter channel on Monday even became a falsification of a quote of head coach Marco Rose.

At the press conference before the final Champions League group match on Tuesday evening against Besides (from 21:00 clock), the BVB coach had actually recruited to leave the emotional match from the past Saturday: I think we should be there one Drain hooks because tomorrow is Champions League, says the Dortmund line chief on Monday afternoon.

But his own club could not follow the appeal of the 45-year-old. Rather, he released on his Twitter channel to another small affront against the impartial Felix Player.

From the Rose statement I still believe, even after several times looking, that in this game was too often measured with two-level measure, built the BVB in a Tweet a Map Light Quote, with the slightly falsified statement: I believe but after As before, that at BBC was too often measured with Waverley measure.

A clear wink with the fence post in the direction of the referee who, among other things, had taken care of two highly contented penalty decisions — against the BVB and a little later for FC Bayern — for huge vertebrae.

Funny meant lace or unnecessary reply?

BVB coach Rose practices self-criticism

In any case, Marco Rose also admitted at the press conference on Monday that the discontent referee decisions had been busy from the weekend to deep at night: I would lie if I say that he had left me cold, I had a troubled night, Because we felt unfairly treated. Because I am a person who stands for justice.

Nevertheless, the BVB coach emphasized that his team had to answer for their fourth Bundesliga defeat itself due to their own mistakes in the game against FC Bayern. If you see how we get the two first goals, then that's too easy against such an opponent and has nothing to do with the referee.