BVB vs. FC Bayern | Var boss: hand game

Video proof project manager John Trees keeps the penalty decision after the hand game of Mats Hummels in the Bundesliga top game between Dortmund and Bavaria (2: 3) for justified.

This said the 51-year-old on Sunday in a message published on the DFB homepage. Referee Felix Player had a generous game line to the day, so for him questions are comprehensible, whether the technical rating must be unattainable.

FIFA 21 - Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich | UEFA Champions League | Full match & Gameplay Looking at the situation still detached, the evaluation of a criminal manifold and thus a penalty is correct, said Trees. BVB Profit Hummel's had touched the ball after a corner ball with the elbow. Only after studying video images, Player decided on penalty, transformed Robert Lewandowski (78 minutes). Before that, the Dortmund er Marco Reus remained a penalty after a tackling of Lucas Hernández.

To this scene, Trees said: The duel is rated as not hungrily. Since the information of these images do not differ from the perception of the referee, is a pure rating issue that the referee must meet in the place.

The former referee adhered to Erlang Haaland in the scene in advance. So, Player had held the offense to Zeus for crimping, the decision would have been canceled by the video evidence.


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