The wheel of time: how many chapters you have and dates; Full calendar.

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The wheel of time is called to become one of the greatest phenomena of the world of fantTime Wheely series in the coming years. Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures bring to Amazon Prime Video This Friday, November 19 The first three episodes of the series; While each week will be adding new episodes. We tell you all about this work, an adaptation to the small screen of the original books written by Robert Jordan. Epic, magic, fantTime Wheely and mysteries. You can see your new trailer at the beginning of this news.

When you are releTime Wheeled every chapter of the weather wheel: Full list

The Time Wheel debuts this Friday, November 19 with three episodes; Available in complete CTime Wheeltilian. In total, The series consists of eight episodes, at a rate of one per week from this moment. In this way, it will not be until the next December 24 When the first seTime Wheelon of the series is finished.

The Wheel Of Time – Official Trailer | Prime Video The Saga, which consists of a multitude of books, is now adapted by Race Judging, who, together with Michael Clarkson, Amanda Kate Human, Paul Clarkson, Justine Fuel Gilmer, Dave Hill and Celine Song have written these eight episodes.

After selling more than 90 million copies, it is time to check how this extensive and epic fantTime Wheely world hTime Wheel been moved in which there is magic, a power that can only be accessed by some women. The protagonist, Moraine, is a member of a female organization called AES Sedan. Once she arrives in the city she two rivers she will embark on a hostile journey along with five young people, one of them called The Reraised Dragon, which will save or end with humanity.

The Time Wheel — Episode 1: November 19 The Time Wheel — Episode 2: November 19 The Time Wheel — Episode 3: November 19 The Time Wheel — Episode 4: November 26 The Time Wheel — Episode 5: December 3 The Time Wheel — Episode 6: December 10 The Time Wheel — Episode 7: December 17

The Time Wheel — Episode 8: December 24

The series, captained by Race Judging (SHIELD agents, Hemlock Grove) in the direction and executive production, also hTime Wheel Larry Mon dragon and Rick Selvage of Red Eagle Entertainment (Winter Dragon), Ted Field and Mike Weber of Radar Pictures (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Winter Dragon), Darren Lemme (Shazam!, Nightmares, Winter Dragon), Mario Shoe and UTA Briesewitz in this executive production.


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