Second Live Deathloop Update, Revealed Patch Notes

DECATHLONS The second update is available for PC and PS5 together with patch notes that reveal what the Arcane Studios study, owned by Bethesda, has made the game. And as the patch notes reveal below, the second update of the game makes improvements much needed in the reactions of the NPC and their route. In addition to this, the user interface and the audio mixture have also been modified. Meanwhile, only for PS5 users, the reassignment of the controller has been added together with the controls for movement blur and the field of vision.

At the time of publication, it is not clear how big the file size of the update is. The update is limited to many corrections, improvements and inconsequential changes, and does not have any new content, so the file size should be lighted, but for now, this is just an assumption.

Next, you can consult the complete and official patch notes for the update, courtesy of Bethesda:

PJ behavior NPCs now react to bullets that pass by, as shots at the head that fail. NPCs now react when another is murdered nearby. NPCs now listen better and react faster to the nearby footsteps PCs under fire no longer move to be covered if the player is too close NPCs can now deduce the direction from which a grenade was launched. The NPCs no longer stop trying to kill Colt if Julianna Uses Nexus to link him with them. Interrupted aerial murders will no longer make NPCs become almost invulnerable. Numerous other small corrections and improvements in behavior, reactions, routes and location of the NPC Charlie Montague is no longer stuck on the floor or on the floor if they kick it while he uses Shift

Quality of life / accessibility

Modders VS GTA ... Bad Timing | GameSpot News Reassignment of the left / right joystick controller and investment was added Buttons on the user interface and text in the options menu are now larger, just like their selectable areas [PS5] Vision and motion blur field options were added. We continue to listen to the comments of the community and explore more accessibility and quality of life options for a future update.

INVASION Colt leaves the game now counts as a victory for a Julianna controlled by a player Julianna controlled by IA is now more reactive to Colts actions The antenna that Colt must hack to escape now takes a little more to pirate AFK players are labeled Colt players who stay in the Colt tunnels for too long are labeled automatically and that makes the tunnel doors open.

Greater probability that you invade to players on your list of friends while playing in Online mode Streak Shoe Charges launched by the NPCs that Julianna has attacked no longer create false Colt tags for Julianna Players now listen correctly the audio reactions of the opposite player during the body to body combat Streak Sapper Charges will now stay at Julianna as they do with other NPC

USER INTERFACE The user interface is now clearer with respect to waste loss when dying The appearance of weapons and other elements is improved within the Loadout user interface The HUD user interface will now correctly show the updates made in key combinations and controls The game will now stop completely during the Game Over home screen Me to body will now be labeled correctly when you are in the weapon cycle in a controller (Y) By pointing down, the look will no longer disappear while the player is close enough to a NPC to perform a murder. Heritage Guns grid will now indicate the dispersion increase of the scatter gun advantage [PC] The players will no longer be asked to confirm the changes in the visual configuration if nothing was changed. [PC] was solved a problem by which the sensitivity of the mouse wheel was excessively reduced when closer or zoom out to see a weapon in the Loadout user interface

MISC. How to play Duplicate slab updates are now converted into a recollectible residue object In Karls Bay, Harriet and followers of her no longer shoot Colt through the closed security door of her office. Also in Karls Bay, a certain window in Hangar 2 has been restored to its expected functionality Shoe charges Streak can no longer be labeled in a way that allows the player to pass through doors or other surfaces When I kicked a load of Streak sapper while cooking, it does not make the load explode and no longer causes subsequent loads to disappear when they are released. The location of the turret can no longer be used as a way to allow the player to pass through doors or other surfaces The pirated antennas now provide a clearer audiovisual feedback from their piracy state Solved a problem that could cause Colt to have 2 guns in the same hand or a gun in the left hand instead of the right hand after a repetition A problem was solved that could prevent a weapon from recharging even more if the player changed to the same kind of ammunition while recharging and then changed to the original weapon. A problem that could make the packaging is not automatically equipped with an empty hand when it was collected for the first time. Solved a problem that could make a player use Shift Slab to get to a ledge, which triggered the jump action and stayed stuck in the ledge instead of doing it. A case was corrected in which the 2-bit interactions did not work as expected. A problem was solved that caused some pirated doors to not be opened if they kicked while pirated. More than one turret can no longer occupy the same space Solved a problem that could catch players if the great gates of the FIA ​​bunker closed over them.

Graphics / Audio A problem was solved by which the player could until the machete during a murder animation. Some problems were corrected with the integration of FSR and the general implementation was improved. A problem was solved by which the player could unleash a jammed weapon during the unrest animation. Errors were corrected, including some that could cause blockages, related to the options of ray and DSS drawn graphics Numerous minor visual failures were corrected, including some related to indirect lighting Numerous details and audio times were corrected or improved, including some improved voice-in -F lines Improved audio mix in all areas A problem that could cause graphic failures was solved when a door is opened at the same time as a sensor closes it. The indicator lights of the turret now no longer work if the turret battery is destroyed Hostile / friendly indicator lights on field annulled are now consistent with those of the turrets

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A problem was solved that caused the deactivated turrets to sound as if they were deployed when they threw themselves or released. A problem was solved that rarely caused the closed doors to appear open.

Achievements / trophies and out stands A problem was solved that allowed Julianna to be rewarded with duplicate trinkets. A problem was solved that prevented the achievement tragedy from the set will be rewarded correctly. A problem was solved that Julianna from obtaining the double vision dowry if she killed Colt by murder while she was passing through a visionary. A problem was solved that allowed Juliannas players to get the sorceress dowry even if weapons were used A problem was solved that had the own COLT deaths to Juliannas shooting towards the achievement Do not listen to me.

STABILITY A problem was solved that could cause the game to be blocked while using Streak Verse. Solved a problem that could make the game lock if Colt dies just when a movie begins. A problem was solved that rarely could cause the game to stop responding when leaving the newspaper. [PC] Solved a problem that could make the game stop responding by reassigning the controls on the keyboard to the controller or vice versa.

Related to connection A problem was solved that could cause the first weapon when Juliannas player raised several weapons at the same time. Solved a problem that could make the mission and progression results screen skipped for Juliannas player if that player goes directly to the invasion pairing after successfully breaking the cycle as Colt and seeing the credits of the game. A problem was solved that could cause the message error in the network connection to the server to remain on the screen after being solved. It was solved a problem that could make Julianna appear above the ground, having to fall briefly before being able to move. A problem was solved that caused the visual effects of Harness, when it was used in a NPC, did not appear from Juliannas point of view.

DECATHLON is available only through PC and PS5. For more information about the Got 2021 contender, click here.


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