RautemusikCast: 581 mit WoW Patch 9.2

Today s consequence of the Rautemusik cast will be presented to you by NordVPN, the reliable and fast provider for safe and convenient VPN connections on all your devices! Now go hurts: //nordvpn.com/RautemusikCast to add to the Cyber ​​Month Deal and get a 2-year package plus an additional free month and a huge discount! After the Blizzard developers have surprisingly announced Wow Patch 9.2, SEB and Phil, of course, open the topic in the Rautemusik cap. They discuss the different, new content and systems what they expect from Earth Morris and why Blizzard is in many areas on a proper way.

But of course, not all gold, which shines. For some announcements, the two also have slight concerns that they could go into the pants. There are not much information yet to many features. And the past has shown that the developers did not always have the right hand and rather jumped into the foreseeable fat sisters.

In the end, the SEB and Phil still talk about the problems of the RAID scene that has to fight with increasing play of play. After Count Denaturing could still be defeated by many players and guilds, the kill numbers have halved at Sylvan as. But this also has other reasons than just poor performance and the low popularity of Shadow lands.

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Rautemusik cast 581

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