PHOGS! is adorable, bizarre and super fun

PAX online: HOGS!

Sometimes the best challenge we face is not where the world s destiny is at stake or a badasses team must work together to defeat the super villain. No, sometimes the best challenge we can face us back to basics to relearn the fundamentals of the game. What could be better than a relaxing and charming physics game? HOGS! It s not particularly difficult to play, but there is much joy to practice and master the skills of a dog control two heads attached to the stomach.

HOGS! Is just as lovely as it looks. You play as a cute dog with two heads with a long torso and no messy end to clean up after. Each head is controlled with a joystick and the shoulder buttons allow two key actions: bite and stretch. Each manager can perform any task, and you quickly learn that you not only need to move in tandem, but it will take a lot of concentration to master. The game offers neither words nor tutorial, but its intuitive nature is simple and easy to understand from the start. Both heads are distinguished by their red and blue collar. The shoulder buttons above the corresponding joystick to indicate which end stretches or nibbles something, and with nothing to chew, they jump and barking too adorable way.

Two adorable floozy heads are better than one

If you are not familiar with physics games, fun of them is to float and move awkwardly while trying to solve the puzzle at hand. HOGS! Is nice enough to give you a lot more control than you think while doing crazy and outrageous things. This flower she needs water? Take a bite mouth on the water line near the other and aim to blow the water like a hose! You found a pepper? If the blue eats the red starts to spit fire! I was also very amused by eating a ton of popcorn and seeing their bellies swell in the middle, but just like us humans, a good stretch solve this.

We turned into TWIN DOGS! Phogs!

HOGS! It was a lovely experience. The puzzles I could play in the demo were creative and enjoyable. Redirecting water use for herbivores eat plants and manipulate light while stretching, twisting and having fun is all around was just a fun experience. The level of openness does not do justice to the rest of the game for precision and creativity. The game is just plain fun good mood because you bribe a giant worm in two heads to open his mouth to move from one stage to another. You help meet the needs of others through a pure intuition based on little thought bubbles. There are even fun mini-games that push you to think about the game in a new way. I also mentioned that the game is fully playable in co-operation? If you thought controlling two heads simultaneously could be difficult, imagine not control that!

It s light, it s fun, and it s lovely. Stop before the NPC sees the smile and start petting the dog good with two heads and honestly, it s a wonderful first introduction to physical games without overwhelming the player. If you have children and want them to begin to expand their perception while having fun, HOGS! This is the way to go. The game should be out later this year and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For more information, visit the official website of the game and make sure to keep it locked on COG connected.

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