NBA: Statement victory at the Brooklyn Nets! Booker and CP3 lead Suns to the 16th success in series

The Phoenix Suns remain the team of the hour and also won the top game at the Brooklyn Nets sovereign. Against the top favorites from the East, once again the back court around Chris Paul and Devin Booker, the Suns won with 113: 107, which caused displeasure with the Nets fans.

Brooklyn Nets (14-6) — Phoenix Suns (17-3) 107: 113 (Box score)

Second evening of a back-to-back, including an away game at the leader of the Eastern Conference. Much had said that the 15 games lasting victory streak of Phoenix Suns would tear in Brooklyn, but the previous year's finalist instructed all a better one. Devin Booker (30 points, 9/18 FG) and Chris Paul (22, 9/19 FG) took the Nets over 42 minutes after all the rules of art apart and transformed jump throw to jump throw.

In addition, Mikael Bridges (13, 7 steals) made a superior game, Naval McGee (10, 10 rebounds) dominated in his zone in his minutes. Brooklyn, on the other hand, seemed strange lethargic, 20 ball losses presented a new negative record for the season. Thus, a throw rate of almost 50 percent did not reach, even because the Nets just took 23 threesome (7 matches). Kevin Durant booked 39 points (13/28 FG), 9 rebounds and 7 assists in almost 45 (!) Minutes, James Harden (12, 4/15 FG, 14 Assists, 7 to) forgotten for a long time for forgetting. Marcus Aldridge (18, 8/12 FG) Score Good, but was always the victim of the Suns Guards in the Defense.

Phoenix Suns Copion Colorless Nets

Phoenix began self-confidence of a team that had no longer lost for a month. The Suns quickly led 21: 8, all Field Goals were jumper, where Booker had the hot hand. Brooklyn, on the other hand, concentric effect, both Durant and harden were too casual in their actions. The Suns cooled something, but the hosts were looking for their rhythm and lay after twelve minutes at 20:34.

And the reservists of the Suns prepared Brooklyn trouble. McGee dominated the board, Cameron Payne brought more Speed. Meanwhile, Bridges was everywhere and entertained with his defense harden. The Forward of the Suns had already collected 5 steads in the middle of the second quarter. Thanks to Aldridge, however, the Nets established something like open, the jumper of the Suns did not fall anymore. Guests stayed without points for six minutes, Brooklyn used this to a 15: 0-Run before CP3 put an end to the whole. Despite the drought, the Suns were still double-digit for the break (56:46).

After the change, harden continued to collect diligent assists, the own scoring was not existent. Even after switches against Anton, the Guard could not create free space. Booker was awakening on the other side. He and Paul always sought Aldridge in switch situations and punished this merciless.

Nets-comeback comes too late

Phoenix built the lead to over 20 meters, it hailed at the beginning of the final section after Hardens 7. Ball loss even BURRS in the Barclays Center. After all, the Nets did not give up, especially Durant once again put an exclamation mark with seven points. Five minutes before the end, the hosts were suddenly back to 10 counters and the mood in the hall tilted again in the other direction.

And Brooklyn came closer. The Suns did not succeed, especially James Johnson as a center made his cause against the Guards Grandiose. Patty Mills had the chance to shorten to -4, instead, Joe Crowder saved with a outback of another messaging Suns Possession to the 110: 101 for another minute on the clock. It was the Dagger, in the episode, the Suns played sovereign.

Game Recap: Suns 113, Nets 107

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With the 16th success in series, everything is done for the big showdown at night on Wednesday. Then the Suns will receive the Golden State Warriors at 4am German times, which currently have a defeat less on the account. Almost three hours earlier, the Nets are also in use, they have the neighbors from Manhattan, the New York Knicks guests.