Mass Effect is close to becoming a series: Amazon wants to produce the adventure of science fiction

Throughout our life as video game players, we have been able to experience a thousand incredible adventures. And all these universes can expand even more through different means of communication, a trend that is up with series such as Arcane, in the context of League of Legends, who has achieved a perfect score in Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore, it is no surprise that video games approach another type of screens, but surely no one was expected that this phenomenon will reach the determination of others Effect.

We will continue investing in the fantastic genre of all kinds Jennifer Sale In fact, the universe created by BioWare is so extensive that the fans of the saga will appreciate a series of games, something that Amazon Studios intends to take to cape. At least, this has been known thanks to the Middle Deadline, which makes a review of the Results and Plans of the company in its latest article: One of the newest hopes of the company in the sand is Mass Effect. Amazon Studios is Close to close an agreement To develop a series based on the best-selling science fiction franchise of Electronic Arts, he cites the news.

Added to this, it seems that the series will not have the intervention of DREW KARPYSHYN, author of the Saga de Novels of Mass Effect. However, the writer has already expressed his intention on Twitter of participate in the project if Amazon requires the help of him.

Making Spider-Man's Web in real life And it seems that Amazon's intentions with fantasy will not end here, because Jennifer Sale, Chief of Amazon Studios, has explained that you are going to see that we will continue investing in the fantastic genre of all kinds, we have a team focused on The genre in Studios who work tirelessly with our creative partners in those plans, and you can expect it to be more.

No more details have been given about the project, so we'll have to wait for new ads to meet premiere dates and the nuances that the series will acquire. Until then, we can continue enjoying the video games in other screens as with the Halo series, which will publish its first trailer at the Game Awards 2021, or with the second season of the Witcher series, which prepares a Preview in Madrid to which you can attend with 3D games.