Marvel s Midnight Suns: xcom tactics game

In August, the XCom creators of Fireaxis announced a new, round-based strategy game with Marvel s Midnight Suns, which can be described in approximately Xcom on the Marvel Universe. Now, however, the team had to move the release.

When will Marvel s Midnight Suns appear?

Originally Marvel s Midnight Suns should appear in March 2022 in the trade. Because Firaxis wants to expand the title but still to further content, the appointment was postponed to the second half of 2022.

We have decided on a shift because we need a little more time to make the best possible game. [...] The extra months are used to add more story and other Cinematics as well as working at the fine grinding., it says in the message at Twitter.

Already at the time announcement of Marvel s Midnight Suns (Buy Now 69.99 €) we have thrown a detailed view of the game. In our preview video you will also find more information about the tactic role-playing game of Fireaxis. The publication is planned for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

04:26 Marvel s Midnight Suns | Preview | XCOM meets Iron Man and Co.

Marvel s Midnight Suns

from 69,99 €

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