LOL: Warangelus could take the Rainbow7 central lane in 2022

Taurus managed to remedy a terrible start of the year. In the Split Opening of the Latin American League, the 2019 Brampton was in the last places in the table, surpassing Laos Latin Gamers for a single point. For the closure, Fabian Wrangell plain passed the shooter to Jungle, allowing a South Korean duo to be on the rail. Thanks to this, he managed to get into the eliminations, saving from the promotion / relegation.

After losing against Furious Gaming in quarterfinals, Taurus began a restructuring process. The technical body was the first to receive casualties, then announce that Wrangell would not remain in 2022. This since he intends to change the line, specifically where he began his professional career. For those who do not know, the Chilean played in the Central Lane of Hamlet Esports before moving to shooter. He stayed there until the fusion of leagues, exploring the upper lane and even support, although not officially.

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Considering that Taurus already has Ali Says Bracamontes As a central lane, Wrangell took a step on the side of the Argentine organization. Since then, there is not much information about the next company from him. However, Lucas Ben aim, journalist of ESPORTS, announced that Rainbow7 wants to have him in his finals.

The rainbow announced that Tomás Toned Diaz will not be part of the 2022 project. This gives rise to that, indeed, Wrangell occupies the vacancy as a lane. He would meet with Sebastian Eddie child and Eduardo Slow Graces, next to those who bicameral the 2019. Tentatively, the rest of the team would be made up of Lorenzo CEO Tevet as a shooter and Roberto Straight Gallic as a superior lane.

As regards Aeneas De En gen Profit, there is nothing confirmed. The Argentine arrived as a reinforcement for closure 2021 and played some official matches. According to Ben aim, the next destination of him is in the Master Flow league, with Savage. But as it is advances of signings, there is a possibility that there are last second changes.

In addition to the players' template, it remains to know how the technical body will be formed. Rainbow7 dismissed his head coach a few months ago, thanking him for everything. None of the parties involved has commented on what comes for the next Split.


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