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With Fora Horizon 5 Playground Games delivers the best part of the series so far and a true masterpiece: mercilessly staged, huge and so well playable, that you do not want to put the racing game out of your hands. Fora Horizon 5 bundles the strengths of its predecessors and proves to be extremely accessible Arcade rage with a high fun factor in the test of PC version. Mexico is the almost perfect scenario and offers more than enough scope for the over 500 different vehicles through its different landscapes. The icing on the cake are the newly implemented creative features that will ensure many community contents and thus steady route and event replenishment in the future. Fora Horizon 5 is not only the best racing game of the year 2021, but also the strongest part of the Horizon series so far. And that is known to say that a lot!

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Bear strong presentation Varied game world Giant circumference Large variety of different cars Extremely accessible and very good playable Customization options for game character and vehicles Event Lab


Driver do not always act perfect

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In 2012, Fora Motorsport the Arcade Racer Fora Horizon is out of the serious racing series Fora Motorsport. Even then, the game convinced fans of hearty PS battles. Accessible, fun, loud — these are the basic ingredients of Fora Horizon. And this also changes with the fifth part published on 5 November 2021 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

The British Studio Playground Games invents the wheel for Fora Horizon 5 while not new, but improves almost all areas of the successful predecessor. The result is an outstanding racing game that advances with its ingenious playability and the huge amount to the new reference in the genre of open-world racing games.

Beautiful lawn in Mexico

Fora Horizon 5 concludes the events of the predecessor. As a freshly baked champion of the past festival, it takes you to Mexico to the next Horizon competition. Before driving, make a job in the construction kit and create a look, gender, nickname, voice and of course the license plate. After a usual crisp start sequence in which they boost over stick and stone and pick it up with a propeller machine, she dismisses Fora Horizon 5 in his imposing open playing world. The developers present Mexico as a beautiful game meadow for crazy races and events.

The landscape has eleven diodes, and so do them over highways and through smaller villages, but also make jungles, beaches and mountains uncertain. Daily and night change and weather changes contribute to their part for the living mood of the game. Right at the beginning they end up in a sandstorm and are part of a photo shoot at old temple ruins. Although the game departs large cities, Fora Horizon 5 delivers postcard motifs and is simply an eye-catcher. No matter if the raindrops patter on the windshield or reflect the sun s rays in the paint of the bodies — a lot of pretties can a racing game in 2021 hardly look!

The whole world of racing

Fora Horizon 5 lives and breathes motorsport. The game includes over 500 vehicles of different classes — from the sleek Mercedes-AMG One to heavyweight 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands. At the bodies, they use themselves hand, distribute advantages in individual upgrade systems and modify the vehicles visually. As complex as the fleet with sports filters, off-road vehicles, off-road vehicles and many other vehicle types presented, the mission selection itself is also varied.

Use the Overview Card to select events, races, and other options for the pastime. From classic start-target race via barn finds and lightning systems — Fora veterans already know many of the game elements already. But unlike other games, this familiarity does not arise boredom. Because Fora Horizon 5 is stressed accessible and rewards almost every action with In game credits or experience points. It is constantly hailing rewards. This motivated!

Creative Car Porn!

However, Fora Motorsport 5 also waits with some fine innovations. In the expeditions you will not only get to know the map better, but also experience adventures in the discovery of temples and other landmarks. Actually, it is only the blocking of individual check points and tasks, but Fora Horizon 5, these mission chains attract such clever that they prepare a lot of joy.

Anyone who wants to work for themselves from the prefabricated events can do that in the so-called Event Lab. With this kit you can taste your own races together — whether as a start-target or as an arena event. The system proves to be extremely handy. With the Event Lab you can create and upload your own creations or download and try out the works of other community members. Players of Fora Horizon 5 may look forward to an infinite variety of varieties and events in the future.

Release: Fora Horizon 5 has been available since 5 November 2021 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. The game costs about 60 euros in the trade. In addition, it is also included in the Xbox Game Pass and thus playable for subscribers.


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