Forza Horizon 5 bonus boards guide

Fora 5 Horizon has 250 bonus boards that can crush and destroy the run over with your car. In doing so, you will get improvements in your progression. XP boards provide 1,000, 3,000 or 5,000 experience points. Meanwhile, each table quick trip that destroys reduces the cost of the rapid ride $200. Default form, teleport to another location would cost $10,000, but can further reduce this until the action is completely free. In any case, here it is our guide Fora Horizon 5 table bonus to help with all XP and tables quick trip in Fora Horizon 5.

XP and map boards quick trip | Fora Horizon 5 bonus Boards

Then you will see several images of the world map of Fora Horizon 5, as well as XP and tables quick trip you can find. By default, these markers only once you are close appear. However, we have the DLC Treasure Map showing all locations. Probably do not need to buy it, and we have it covered.

5 Fora Horizon bonus Boards | Why wait for driving

Generally speaking, you should not have problems with most XP tables and quick tour of Fora Horizon 5. Many of them are easily seen while driving. There are some cases that go against the current:

If you drive over a bridge, tables tend to be beneath him. Some cliffs also have these objects. You ll want to get there and crashing against them. Oh, and try to avoid using Photo mode because it can make your car go through the object without completing the count. There are certain places that are accessible with ramps. Some locations, such as stables, barns or construction sites have a table among some obstacles. You can pass through the spaces to achieve (as seen in the image below).

Still, there are a few that might embarrass him. We will list some examples in the next section of our guide Fora Horizon 5 XP and tables quick trip.

Some tables XP difficult to reach and quick trips | Fora Horizon 5 bonus Boards

Board 5,000 XP (Airplane Horizon Festival in Mexico)

This requires that you first complete the Horizon Rush Canyon expedition to unlock PR Stunts. Thus, makeshift ramps that allow you to get to this table will be built.

quick trip Board (near the home players Mulegé / Casey Bella)

There are hills to the north of this area. Try to reach the edge of these slopes about 160 km / h to land on the roof with table quick trip. You can overcome your landing, so we just rewind and redo.

quick trip Board (Near Rocky Coast)

You want to climb a hill to the north of the house. Place your car so that it is off the table. Go into reverse and step on the pedal so that the slope make your car jump.

5000 XP board (San Sebastián)

This object is on a roof. Climb to the top of the hill behind the house to get to it.

Board 5,000 XP (Agra Azul Waterfalls)

This is hidden behind the waterfall.

Board 5,000 XP (to the south of the path out of the way)

To the Like the other articles, this is also a roof. Look for a small slope in the grasslands to the south. Back, then press the pedal to the metal. You can overcome your landing, so keep trying.

Board 5,000 XP (The Eliminator / Value de Las Ranks)

When you see the marker, turn around to the top of the hill. You can make your car jump to bridge the gap and hit the rock pillar. That should make rued es board and crush XP.

Board 5,000 XP (The Eliminator / Balderdash Mirror Hotel)

Drive up the road leading to this cabin. Then scroll around 50 km / h to avoid falling too low.

XP 5000 Board (a western quiet)

Here is a small construction area. You should see a slope that can be used as a ramp.

Board 5,000 XP (Large building on Blue Palace Ocean)

Back a little, so you can take advantage of the momentum while going downhill. Once it reaches the slope, you should go to a speed of approximately 190 to 200 km / h. This will take you to the roof of the building.

Board 5,000 XP (Balcony of the Palace Hotel in Blue Ocean)

Complete the Horizon Rush Canyon expedition to unlock PR stunts. Risk activity should appear a bit to the northeast of this board XP. I should let you fly through the air to reach the balcony.

5000 XP board (dam Sierra Verde)

There is a small slope that can be used as a ramp.

Forza Horizon 5 - All 200 XP Bonus Board Locations Board of 5000 XP (electric tower northeast of Elegance / House of Player Bella House) As in the other jumps we have made, we need a car that can gain a lot of speed as we climbed the hill. You will be sent flying to the Electric Tower. — more Fora Horizon 5 Guides General guides Achievement Guides