FIFA 22: Why just many of the new leagues

In FIFA 22 are the league SBS back, but they are not perfect. We show you why the fut community is so disappointed.

What are LIGEN-SBCS? The league SBS has ligen-specific squad building challenges, where cards of the relevant leagues must be collected and delivered to obtain certain rewards.

In previous FIFA parts, these SBS were extremely complicated and there was a separate SBC for each individual team of each league. If, after a long grind, all the teams had completed, they received a strong and exclusive special card, alongside the whole pack of the individual tasks, at the end.

The whole work and the lengthy collecting could therefore be worthwhile. Here are examples of strong league SBC cards of recent years:

But already last year s FIFA 21 that has changed and the strong special cards were deleted. In FIFA 22, the SBS are now even worse, according to fans, which provides a lot of frustration in the community.

That s why the new league SBS are not good

These are the new league SBS: EA at the same time published the first three league SBS in FUT 22. It is SBS for French Ligue 1, the Dutch Redivide and the American MLS.

The SBS are structured differently than in previous years and do not require it to require maps of all teams of the individual leagues. Each league SBC offers only 4 tasks in which each different cards of the respective leagues must be exchanged. Even gold and silver players can be necessary here.

Rewards of the SBS in FIFA 22 significantly worse than before

These are the problems with the new SBS: The biggest problems of the new Ligen-SBC are the packs that can be obtained as a reward. These are largely unchangeable, which means that you can not generate coins with them. That can be quite annoying, for example, for example, from a very good mega pack pulls a strong card, but it does not fit into your own team.

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But in addition to unchangeable packs, the FUT players are also disappointed with the new absence of the special cards. These were just what the Ligen-SBC has made special. In FIFA 22, this aspect is already missing again.

In addition, players are disappointed with no more SBS for each individual team. So there was still 18 SBS for the Redivide in FIFA 21, which meant more packs and more chances of good maps. In FIFA 22 it is now only 4.

The only positive aspect is for many that the SBS are repeatable. Thus, one has the opportunity to earn relatively strong packs during the fut of the FUT season, even if they are unchanged.

That says the community: On Reddit, the new league SBS are diligently discussed and frustration is clear. The FIFA fans say, among other things:

TAKEDAGREEK: A proper shame. Some of my favorite players were Ligen-SBC players like Proves or Lafayette. It was really fun to prepare for the long grind. This is very disappointing. Master0fdesaster: That was the only thing I ve been looking forward to the end of FIFA 21. My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. Montville FC: I miss the league special cards. Cappo40: I have to admit, I m disappointed. I enjoyed building the individual teams, even if there was a team that was too expensive.

However, there is also positive votes:

Orehsehun: The SBS are still good and better than last year. I prefer to give this kind of SBC than every single team.

HOW TO DO FIFA 22 LEAGUE SBCS FOR FREE! GET FREE PACKS ON FIFA 22 WITH LEAGUE SBC METHOD! FIFA 22! T0DDP23: A 4-part SBC with a repeatable mega pack is already interesting. Looks like that as you could just grate that.

What is your opinion on the new LIGEN-SBCS? Will you complete them? We like to tell us in the comments!

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