ELDEN RING HORSE TORRENT - How to get the horse from Elden Ring

The horse of Elder Ring is one of the most important tools in the game. To quickly explore The Lands Between, the horse named Torrent is crucial to make sure that you can explore any angle on the map.

Torrent will not give you right away, as we saw in the technical test of Elder Ring. Instead, you have to go a significant path through the playable area of ​​Improve to find them. This means that your first hours will be tough with the game, and if you do not know how you get Elder Rings horse, you can completely miss Torrent.

But do not worry, because we could spend some time with the technical test of the game and have managed to determine exactly how to get the Elder Ring Horse for you. Instead of a certain mountain location in Elder Ring, you have to run a few steps to get it.

Elder Ring Horse

Torrent is the only horse in Elder Ring that you can ride and from the opening hours of your trip are at your side. Torrent has the ability to jump, race, and you can also run in the saddle attacks and spells.

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If you detect a strong grease, Torrent can use you to get into higher areas in The Lands Between.

Elder Ring How to get the horse torrent

To find the horse in Elder Ring, you have to rest on three places of grace, so you can meet Melina. After the intermediate sequence has expired, you will give you the Spectral Ross Whistle, which can be used at any time to summon Torrent.

The Spectral Ross Whistle can be equipped in your Quickly menu and enabled by pressing the USE button. It is not a limited resource, so you can use it as often as you like.

In the cooperative game, only the host of the game can summon his remedy, while all others have to stay on foot.

This covers everything we have collected from the technical test of the game over the horse of Elder Ring. Find out about everything else about the game before the release date of Elder Ring.


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