[Comprehensive] Battle Ground Power Kraft Tone 3Q Maximum Achievement

[Kids News 24 Park Ye Jing Jing Jing Along] Battle Ground The Kraft Tone was a earnings surprise that crosses the earnings consensus on the third quarter of this year. Kraft tons, which achieved maximum earnings, are evaluated by Nixon, Net marble, NC soft and shoulder.

The 11th Rah Tone (representative Kim Chang-ton) has disclosed in 3Q09 sales of W521.9bn, operating profit W195.3bn, and net profit of W178.3bn. Each year, 42.3% YoY, 16.5%, and 62.1%, respectively. In addition, 3.6%, 12.1%, and 26.2%, respectively, respectively.

The Best Financial Officer (CFO) (CFO) explained that in conference calls, Battleground Mobile India launched success and pub intellectual property (IP) expansion of the intellectual property (IP).

The company has also revealed the vision of Battlegrounds: New State, which was self-developed by the subsidiary pub. New State has been released at the same time around 3 pm on the afternoon of achieving a pre-reservation of 55 million.

New State was produced according to strategic judgment to lead the West of Western Battle Royal Mobile Genre. Although the existing battleground mobile was popular in India, Asia and the Middle East, sales have also been a lot of sales, but in the Western Security, we have not secured dominant areas in Battle Royal Mobile genre.

The Craft Tone side said, As a pre-reservation, the Asia-Middle East-Southeast Asia — has secured a high proportion in the order of Southeast Asia,

In addition, It is the biggest challenge that has been in charge and plays on the service while playing the service, and said, I am thinking of a payment user since 2022 after stabilization.


As for the concern of self-latency concerns with battleground mobile, it is a position that the loyalty is still high, and it will be expected to have a continuous growth.

Creighton emphasized this New State and Battle Ground Mobile to share Battle Royal Genre, but to make positioning differently. New State is the pursuit of the pub world view, but it will show differentiation through live service. When the future service user layer is stabilized, the New State and Battle Ground Mobile will be able to strengthen IP and consider the collaborative means to win.

In October, the background of the American game company Unto on Words was also said. The Craft Tone was a company with a company with a development culture that respects the game fan community while creating a game play, which creates a game play in a vast open world, he said.

I expected that the game being developed in Unleavened Words would be the third IP that defines a new genre as a pub. Crouton said, It is positive, which is positive, and in the user s dimension, even at the time of a positive and user-level console, I think that it will help you expand the Grafton Pub User s foundation as soon as you have thick fans in the Western Console.

Recently, it was already a long time ago in relation to met abuses and NFTs (alternative to an alternative) strategy that is becoming a recent gaming industry. However, it was also emphasized that the game itself is more essential.

Creighton is a meta bus to be expressed in the world, and we have been an Interactive Virtual World) representation, and the implementation of this world has been conducted on the main axis of long-term growth, The metabus has recently been concerned with the recent attention and seeing that the relevant market has been seeing, I think that the goods and content in the NFT and Interactive Virtual World are able to have real value of reality, I think I will have to make a good game in the game, said.

It is a description that it is because it is not attractive, but if the user group is not attractive, it is not possible to go to play with the game that is not attractive, and the value of the NFT retention content is not much because it is not possible to play.