Battlefield 2042: The Day-1

Today is the official release date of Battlefield 2042. Who had access to the Early Access, however, was able to play the shooter of EA for a week and the test phase has shown: Battlefield 2042 runs much better than in the beta, but there are still a whole row Problems who have to eliminate DICE? The day-1 patch published together with the game makes only the beginning.

Thats in the Day-1 patch of Battlefield 2042

Dice has released a list of all bugs and mistakes known to you a few days ago. Some points mentioned here takes up the obligatory launch update. The complete list of all patch notes can be found at EA. Here are the most important changes for version 0.2.1:

Server: DICE Takes changes to the servers to prevent so-called Rubber banding. Here it seems like avatars or vehicles are teleporting, as some frames are missing. The problem occurs mainly in all-out warfare mode.

Hovercrafts: The air pillow boats in Battlefield 2042 are currently ensuring some laughs in the community. Like spinning, the vehicles can still climb the steepest walls, and with enough momentum you can even catapult them into the air and let them fly over long distances.

Like the magic air cushion boats in action, you will learn here:

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Other changes include balancing for the weapons, less camera jerks and the correct display of the usernames. There are also the compulsory bug fixes.

Dice still has to work

It is noticeable that nothing was turned on the gameplay except for weapons balancing, and although there are various complaints from the community. Here are only two prominent examples:

Weapons: In Battlefield there is a so-called Bloom effect while firing. This means the scattering of the balls is getting bigger. This is basically realistic, of course, in Battlefield 2042, however, ensures that some gamers feel like they could not meet their enemies, even if the crosshair has this exactly in the sights.

No Respawn: It can happen that the timer for a respawn does not run when you go to ground. If that happens, you stuck and can not be revived. If you become a victim of this bug, you have to leave the game, unfortunately.

This is how the portal mode looks in BF 2042:

Other current news about Battlefield 2042:

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Battlefield 2042 Day 1 Patch Gameplay!

Further updates should follow

In the blog post is the talk of further updates. Specifically, two patches should follow within the next 30 days. On the one hand, it is good that the DEVs of the problems with their game are aware of it and want to take care of them. On the other hand, a fader of taste and whether Battlefield 2042 would not have to be moved further backwards.

Battlefield 2042 is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

Do you already test the state of Battlefield 2042?


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