Banjo-Kazooie was below Sora to join SMASH

Masahiro Sakurai revealed that a survey was conducted a few years ago where players voted for him or his characters who most wanted to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. First of all it came out winner sora, who eventually reached the title last month, but secondly we have banjo-kazooie, which is also available in the game.

In a new interview with famitsu, Sakurai spoke a little more about the process of bringing each DLC character to Smash since the launch of the game in 2018. As part of this, he also took the opportunity to comment on Banjo-Kazooie.

Although sakurai did not give many details about it, he said that for this character they had to bring to grant kirkhope to compose a new track for smash, and this marked the first time when they had to resort to an external composer for the title.

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Editor s note: Know more about the creation process for each DLC of Smash is always something interesting. For example, Sora actually only came to the game thanks to a strange coincidence, and surely each fighter has some curiosity attached to him. With luck, we will know more about the future.


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